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Product Managers

Create quick product tutorials, evangelize new product features, capture competitor's experiences, or create contextual analytics reviews.

UI/UX Designers

Unambiguous feedback or inspiration sharing with clients, colleagues, or QA at every phase of the product lifecycle: wireframes, prototypes, staging, and production.

Engineers & QA

Send videos to your team of stuff you’re working on, or how exactly you found that pesky bug. Say goodbye to those unhelpful screenshots and long writeups.


Close the deal faster by showing off the benefits, products, and features that matter most to each individual prospective client.

Customer Support

The quickest and most precise way to answer questions for your customers. Make it more personable by adding your smile to the video.

Rated 5/5 in the Chrome Web Store. 100% free.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Does Openvid only record the individual browser tab?


Yes, for now that is the only way to record. If you’re recording and navigate to a new site within the same tab, we keep the recording going. We do not record any other tabs or the desktop.

Why and how is Openvid free?


Don’t you worry. We have an enterprise platform that covers the costs here. Use Openvid all you want. All we ask for is some feedback or a good review if you like it in return!

Is Openvid secure? Can anyone see my videos?


Your files are in good hands. Our servers sit behind a secure firewall and all videos are uploaded over an SSL-encrypted websocket. The videos are associated with unique IDs that would take a computer years to guess, and - to top it all off - if you ever want your content removed, we offer both a way to archive (take down a public URL) and delete (completely remove a file from our systems).

How long can I record for and how is the quality?


We’re serious when we say unlimited recording time. Unleash your creativity and don’t worry about filling up your computer with unlimited free storage. Make sure you have Chrome 49 or later for HD quality videos!

What file format can I download the video as?


The video is recorded as a WEBM file but is available for download as an MP4. We handle converting the video for you on our servers so you don't have to worry about pesky file formats and can focus on creating.

Does Openvid ever record anything in the background?


No! Absolutely not. We only record when you ask us to and nothing more than that. We deeply respect privacy and would never break our users' trust.